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Dear Veteran  or family member or friend of a Veteran in need of help,


Thank you for your service to our country. We at Urgent Care Counseling, LLC and  Project 23 to Zero  are here  to help you in your time of need.  If you have been experiencing depression, anger, suicidal feelings, flashbacks, or other trauma related experiences such as persistent anxiety, nightmares and loss of time, chemical addiction or Alcohol dependence, we want to help you.

 We are offering you 20 sessions of a non-evasive, painless, non -medication treatment known as EEG Bio Neurofeedback. This treatment can help restore normal sleep patterns and relieve insomnia, stop nightmares, reduce or take away depressive feelings, flashbacks and anxiety.   It can even help with recovery from chemical addictions.

 Funding to pay for this therapy will be made available to all qualified veterans through their VA Insurance Benefit, Tri Care, Health Net and through private donor assistance and Project 23 to Zero  a 501 C-3 organization whom we have partnered with to secure funding to offer local veterans in need of the assistance for  the help that they deserve to save lives and restore veterans in our community.

Thank you for your sacrifice and service.

Richard Fincke, LMHC